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Tire and Rims

Wheels are a very important and critical component of your running gear system. When specifying or replacing your trailer wheels it is important that the wheels, tires, and axle are properly matched for proper weight ratings.

The capacity rating embossed on the sidewall of the tire is not always the proper rating for the tire if used in a trailer application.

Use the following guidelines:

1.) LT (light truck) and ST (standard trailer) tires. Use the capacity rating embossed on the tire.

2.) P (passenger car) tires. Use the capacity rating embossed on the tire sidewall divided by 1.10 for trailer use.

Tire inflation pressure is the most important factor in tire life. Inflation pressure should be as recommended by the manufacturer for the load. Pressure should be checked cold before operation. Check inflation pressure weekly during use to ensure the maximum tire life and tread wear.

Use this tire wear chart below to help identify potential problems that your tires and trailer can have:

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