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DUMP TRUCK Trailerman dump boxes are made to fit on any small to large truck using the same proven systems found on all major manufacturers. Built…
Welding Trailer
Welding and Fabrication Custom Metal Fabrication means having the ability to work with all types of metal including mild steel, stainless steel, sheet metals and…
Trailer Suspension Repair
Structural Repairs BeforeAfter Structural repairs must be done to the highest standards by trade qualified technicians in order to insure everyone’s safety on the road.…
Wheel Bearing Trailer Vancouver
Wheel Bearing Servicing Standard wheel bearing configuration consists of opposed tapered roller bearing cones and cups, fitted inside of a precision machined cast hub. This…
Rims Trailer Repair
Tire and Rims Wheels are a very important and critical component of your running gear system. When specifying or replacing your trailer wheels it is…
Trailer Axle
Axle Manufacturing and Replacements Trailerman axle products are built to the highest standards in our Abbotsford, British Columbia location. We specialize in manufacturing standard leaf…
Wiring Repairs Trailer
Wiring Repairs There are 2 standard trailer plugs; 7-way RV and 4 pin flat. 7-way RV plugs are designed for trailers with electric brakes. These…
Trailer Suspension
Suspension Repairs The suspension systems incorporated into most trailers are designed to provide the trailer owner with three basic functions: 1.) Attach the axle to…
Brakes Trailer
Trailer brakes Trailer brakes are required on all wheels of a trailer if the trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of more than…
Tiny Homes Trailer
Tiny Home Trailers Save time and money by buying a trailer specifically designed for your tiny house. Tiny Home trailers by Traielrman are designed by…
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