Trailerman decks are made to exceed your specifications. Stake pockets actually accept a standard 2 x 4 without alteration. Decks are 2″ planking or checker plate. Bulkheads available in many designs with matching removable rear rack. Bumper units with or without HD trailer hitch and wiring.

Aluminium decks will be available late this year.

Of note is the pickup insert that allows you to load two ATV’s on your full sized box. If you have a new truck with the locking tailgate it provides secure and weather proof storage under the deck without modification. On older vehicles security options are available.

The design is for side load, drive on/off. Aluminium ramps are folding and fit under most ATV’s when loaded on top or inside the box for added security.

We are currently considering a configuration that would allow the same deck to hold 2 sleds making this unit more versatile for year round usage.

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