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Preventable Maintenance

Do not rely on greasing systems (bearing buddies, etc.) .  There is no substitute for yearly cleaning and inspection of the spring mounts, bushings, bearings, axle and hub; replacement of warn parts, and repacking bearings with clean grease.  Cleaning and thorough inspection to identify warn parts and repacking the bearings helps prevent surfaces from rusting (due to condensation) when parked.  For boat trailers this is a MUST clean and repack regardless of how many times you put your boat in/out of the water each year.

When you winterize your boat -> winterize your trailer. Extremely important to the BC driver.  We check and adjust brakes every time the wheel drums or discs are removed.  Heavy loads and extreme driving conditions warrant more frequent service.  Boat trailers equipped with either surge or electric brakes require at least one service a year to avoid corrosion seized brakes.

Prior to parking your travel trailer or RV for the winter it needs to be winterized.  All tanks and water lines must be cleaned and drained; then either flushed with air (all drinking water systems) or anti-freeze (non-drinking water systems).

We offer full collision and road hazard repair, replacement and painting of fiber-glass, aluminium and steel shells. Frame straightening and axle replacement.  Everything to get you back on the road.

Recovery and roadside services are available in most situations when scheduled during our regular business hours either through us or sub-contractors equipped for the issue. Weekend and after shop hours by prior arrangement only.

Custom & Modification

With the optional side extensions, these trailers are commonly used as tow-able garbage cans. Many contractors find it more economical to have one of these trailers versus a dumpster at each construction site. This arrangement also allows full freedom in the timing and frequency of dumps as well.

Updates can make your trailer safer and more useful.  Tongue extensions (for towing with camper or tailgate mounted equipment), ramp gate, tool holders, new jack stand, roof racks all increase the function.

The Gas Can Holder is designed to keep your gas can uptight to your trailer wall to prevent it from tipping over and spilling. It is a must for enclosed trailers and pick-up trucks.