We specialize in hitchs, bumpers and accessories for medium to large trucks and vans.  We make and/or install lifts, tailgates, ramp gates, bumpers, all wiring, hydraulics and mechanical systems.

We do not install hitches on cars or small SUV’s. We will sell you the parts to do it yourself.

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Camper Landing and Step

The height of new trucks makes it difficult to access some campers. This landing with fold up step allows easy access. It fits into the hitch receiver, is removable for those off-road adventures and can be used to store a tote or ? during travel. Various designs available to fit most truck/camper combinations.

Pickup RampGate

Load your pickup with this bi-fold ramp gate that mounts into the existing truck box. Price depends on your trucks height from ground and mounting hardware required. Email or call for pricing.

bumper & checker plate light wrap around

Bumpers, hitches, decks and dump boxes are all custom built to suit your needs and truck. We also install all types of equipment as well.