Trailerman dump boxes are made to fit on any small to large truck using the same proven systems found on all major manufacturers. Built to suit your needs these units provide exceptional service and value.  Our standard is to use a single multi-stage lift cylinder mounted at the front of the dump box.  It provides the most efficient lift with the fewest moving parts.  Of course we use other hydraulic lift systems when the application requires.

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1 Ton Convertable Dump

1 Ton Flat Deck/Dump Box This is a convertible, use it as a dump box with fold down sides, barn doors and spreader or remove the sides, spreader/doors and use it as a flat deck. See Warrantee Link on main page for full details.

8' x 10' Dump plank Deck with 2' fold down sides

Standard Truck dumps are 7' x 8' to replace the single wheel truck box and 8' x 8' to replace the dual wheel truck box. Dumps can have either fixed sides/tailgate or removable.

8' x 14' dump with fold down sides

Not just a dump box. This unit has fold down sides making it useful as a flat deck as well. Load pallets with a forklift then fold and lock in the sides. Dumps are available for trucks ranging from 1 Ton up and in many configurations designed to meet your needs.