Equipment haulers come in many forms from tongue pull to fifth wheel and low boys (deck between the wheels) to high boys (deck over the wheels) from a GTWR of 2,000# through 100,000# plus.  We build them all to suit your requirements.

Call for quote based on your specific requirements.

Full Tilt Deck-Over 20'

14,000# GTWR This trailer easily handles everything you can haul. Palletized material is easily loaded by forklift or drive your vehicle on. Trucks, tractors or what have you. This unit is also set up to mount a winch on the tilt deck for those units that are broken or just can't handle the extreme angle. Use the tilt deck (connect to LARGE vehicle only) to lift and get access to any pickup, pull fence posts or ?

Deck-over 5 x 12 GTWR 2K

This deck-over is designed to have a plywood deck applied by the owner. Shown with 13' tires/rims. Order with wider tires, heavier axle, etc.

16' Deck-Over 10K GTWR

Base price $5,995.00. Item shown has ramps, mounted spare tire and additional rack under front, all extra.

16K Equipment Hauler 16' x 6' 8

16K equipment hauler set up for Genset, Large power drive OR smallish dozer/excavator.Tandem 8000# torflex axles, oil bath hubs, electric brakes, spare tire mounted. 7000# Drop leg jacks on each corner for stabilization. All DOT approved lighting, breakaway switch, 7 way RV plug, safety chains, etc.

4 x 8 Open Utility

Variations of our TrailerTrash models are available in either angle iron or boxed frame with wood deck.

8 x 14 Deck-Over 14K GTW

Deck-over (the wheels) or highboy trailers are quite useful for many users. No fenders allow loading from all sides with fork lifts and tractors. We make them in small to large, full tilt deck available or no tilt, ramps or not. Your choice.

Delux Car Hauler - 7K to 14K

Arrive at the track in style with the best car trailer made. Many options available to make your towing and track life easier. Open centre allows access to drive line on lowered vehicles. Options available include tilt decks (mechanical or hydraulic). removable fenders, fold up ramps and wood, steel or aluminum decking.

12,000# GTW Deck-Over

Various sizes and configurations of Deck-Over trailers can be made to order.