We offer a variety of truck body options and features not commonly available to the small (1/4 ton) through mid size (5 ton), and larger truck owner.  Everything is possible.  Design advice and quotations available, please stop in and discuss your needs with us.


Landscape maintenance is made easier with the use of specially designed truck body combinations.  Barn doors allow easy access to a large 8′ wide x 6′ high x 6′ deap box located behind the truck cab.   This storage area is well lit and provides dry secure storage of tools and materials.  Behind the storage box is  a dump box large enough to load with grass, bark mulch and other materials without making multiple trips. (pic)


In the construction industry many contract companies find their truck handles one function well, but not all.  By installing a dumping deck the truck can perform multiple jobs well.  A dumping flatdeck is great for lumber.  Add fold down sides and forklift loading remains easy and adds function.  Add barn doors and you have the ability to load and dump anything from sand to site waste.  Add a spreader gate (with barn doors) allows one to spread gravel sand or bark mulch in addition to straight dumping.  Combine a dumper with storage for tools supplies etc..

Specialty Equipment:

You have a piece of equipment that needs to be mobile but nothing off the self meets your requirements, stop in with your sketches and we will discuss the options.

Call for quote based on your specific requirements.

Camper Landing and Step

The height of new trucks makes it difficult to access some campers. This landing with fold up step allows easy access. It fits into the hitch receiver, is removable for those off-road adventures and can be used to store a tote or ? during travel. Various designs available to fit most truck/camper combinations.

Pickup RampGate

Load your pickup with this bi-fold ramp gate that mounts into the existing truck box. Price depends on your trucks height from ground and mounting hardware required. Email or call for pricing. See Warrantee Link on main page for full details.

bumper & checker plate light wrap around

Bumpers, hitches, decks and dump boxes are all custom built to suit your needs and truck. We also install all types of equipment as well.

6 x 10 ATV Hauler - Utility Trailer

Quality in a low priced complete ATV Hauler! These 3000# GTWR units are built with quality controlled parts, 3500# axle & suspension, 14 radial tires, 2' ball coupler with safety chains, DOT approved lights, ramps, steel fenders and wood deck.

5 x 8 Landscape Dumper 5K GTWR

This is the smallest of the dump trailers we produce. Single axle 5 x 8 dump box with 50' high sides, passenger side mesh folds down for easy side loading, barn doors for dumping and full access to box.

6 x 10 Custom Landscaper

Just off the production line. This custom built landscaper features a 6 x 10 box with 43' sides, Ramp gate and 2' plank decking. This single axle trailer is rated at 3000# GTWR, has a tool rack and a lockable 8' long side mounted tool box.

5' x 8' Custom Landscape

60' x 98' box trailer w/ 37' sides and barn doors. GTWR: as configured 3,000# or with brakes 3,500# (or upgrade to a 5K axle w/ matching tires) use the 2 x 12' treated wood inserts for ramps or remove to side load. dual 5 unit tool holders on front w/ cone holder. side steps for easy loading See Warrantee Link on main page for full details.

Ultimate Landscape Maintenance Trailer

The ultimate landscape maintenance trailer. Enjoy the benefits of a dump and the convenience of an equipment hauler in one trailer. Side loading of your push or ride-on mowers is easy with the hydraulic assisted bi-fold ramp gate a full 48' wide extending to 72' allowing you to load the lowest mowers with ease. Basic Unit is Approx. 6 x 12 overall (not including the tongue)

Dual Load ATV or Landscaper

Dual load: side load one unit on the front, load another from the rear. Single 3500# or 5000# axle with or without brakes.