Production of Aluminum frame/body trailers based on our tried and true box trailer design is in full swing and well received by customers and dealers.

We have also started a line of welded aluminium boats that will be shown later this fall.  Watch for pictures of the ATV hauler.  A 17′ jet boat designed for a tiller outboard.  This unit will hold two ATV’s and your gear.  Perfect for hunting in those out of the way locations.


This fall we are introducing a line of Aluminum frame/body trailers.  Based on our tried and true box trailer design the aluminum box trailer will be somewhat lighter allowing a greater range of vehicles to tow  The main benefit will be aesthetic – no paint, no rust, low maintenance.  Continued use of industry leader “Dexter” axle and brake parts will give the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the trailer.

Most but not all custom built trailers will be available in an aluminum version.  Cost, strength and maintenance issues may preclude some designs.


In early 2011 we began working with Kakadu Camping Inc. to produce trailers for their specific requirements.  Over the year we have developed trailers for general camping, off-road camping and extreme off-road camping.  Check out their web site for the camping products they carry.  Kakadu Camping

In December, 2011 we expanded to include Unit #1.  Our operations now consist of: Unit #1 – offce/show room, parts room and clean bay; Unit #2 – manufacturing, repair and machine room.  Stop by and see our showroom.


In late November, 2010 we moved from the Riverside Road location to the Townline Road site.  This is a substantial move as the company was at Riverside for 15 years and had accumulated a lot of junk that has been sold, scrapped or given away.  

The move was quick, somewhat painless and definitely required.  Organization will be ongoing with business resuming the first week in December.  The new building although smaller is so much better and easier to work in.

A new service arrangement is required at this location.  We can no longer store trailers or vehicles for our customers as there is no secure yard space.  Special arrangements for storage can be made at the time you make an appointment.


On December 1, 2005 J.& Z. Rushlow sold all interest in the company to E. Koemsted.  J. Rushlow continued to work with the company until February 2006. 

In November 2005 under the direction of the new owner a major cleanup initiative was started on the facilities and property.  Accumulated junk, abandoned trailers and cars, bush, trees and scrap metal were removed.  A number of sub-lets were asked to vacate the site as well. 


In 1999 J. & Z. Rushlow assumed complete ownership of the company through the buy out of W. Sweeney.


Trailerman Trailers Limited was incorporated under the B.C. Business Corporations Act  in August of 1995 by W. Sweeney and J. & Z. Rushlow. The company has done business as (dba) “The Trailerman” from the start and the name “The Trailerman” is used as and in the company Logo.  All products are marketed under this name.